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Traim intr-o lume multi-stratificata si complicata. Imagineaza-ti 125 de cutii de calitate diferita. Noi existam in cea mai de jos.

Ne gasim in cea mai de jos din acele cutii si apoi avansam treptat pana cand ajungem la o conditie care se afla deasupra (in afara) cutiilor.

Ne dam drumul in infinitate. Toti oamenii trebuie sa atinga aceasta etapa ca rezultat al evolutiei lor materiale si spirituale.


We live in a multilayered, complicated world consisting of nested levels, one inside of another. Imagine one hundred and twenty-five nested boxes that are each of different quality. We currently exist in the lowest of them.

When we find ourselves in a lower box, we need to rise to a higher box, and then we develop and realize ourselves there, and desire to rise even higher, and higher, until we reach the highest state possible — which is outside all the boxes.

In this highest state, we unleash ourselves into infinity. All people will attain this stage as a result of their material and spiritual evolution.

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In Planul Naturii se ascund cele mai complicate, delicate, intelepte si blande ganduri. Trebuie sa ne dam seama unde ne duce, nu numai sa incercam sa ne pastram distanta de suferinte. Criza este o forma de deviere de la scopul Naturii, pe care o percepem ca o corectie. Daca nu o tratam cum trebuie, vom declansa asupra noastra o forta negativa mult mai puternica si vom cauza o corectie mult mai mare.

Daca ne-am incepe corectarea acum, sau daca macar am accepta schimbarea la nivelul gandurilor noastre (altfel nu putem supravietui), am deveni asemenea Naturii. Imagineaza-ti un copil mic care a luat hotararea de a urma sfatul parintilor sai pentru a evita dificultatile. In momentul in care a luat aceasta hotarare, atitudinea fata de el se schimba.

Loviturile prezente au o natura globala. Ne dirijeaza catre un tel global. Daca folosim aceasta criza in mod corect, am putea sa ajungem la o concluzie potrivita.


Herein lies a delicate, intricate, and at the same time, wise and kind thought: Nature’s plan. We need to come to understand this thought and realize where it is leading us, instead of attempting to constantly run away from the suffering. The crisis is a digression from the correct goal of nature, which we in turn experience as correction. However, if we do not view this correction properly, as a correction that is bringing us onto nature’s correct path, and instead we try to steer in a different direction, then the next time, we will trigger an even greater negative reaction, a deeper crisis, and a greater correction onto ourselves.

However, if we begin to correct ourselves even slightly, if we wish to change because we will not be able to survive otherwise, even if we simply desire it in our thoughts, we would reach correction and equivalence with nature. Imagine a young child who didn’t want to do what was right, and then made a decision to do as his parent wished in order to avoid hardships. The moment the child makes this choice, the attitude of the parent towards him changes.

The current blows and the crises that are storming down upon us are of a global nature. They are directing us to a global goal. Humanity has grown to a state where we all have the opportunity to realize this, and as such, we are now able to make the right choice.

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Daca am urca o treapta mai sus, am vedea cine ne guverneaza viata. Am observa ca noi suntem cei care ne controlam propriile vieti la un nivel inferior. Practic, noi suntem cei care ne controlam propriile vieti intotdeauna, insa nu ne dam seama de aceasta si cauzam probleme, durere, inutilitate, gol.

A intelege cine ne guverneaza viata inseamna sa iti recunosti sinele la un nivel superior. Aceasta este modalitatea prin care o persoana avanseaza la o etapa superioara, unde se conecteaza la Forta Ultima (Creatorul sau Natura). In mod inevitabil, intreaga omenire va atinge acest punct de perfectiune.


We need to rise a step higher, and then we will see who controls our lives. If we rise, we will find that we control our lives on a lower level, and then, once we rise to the next level, we will find that we control our lives on an even lower level, and so on. It is we who always govern our lives, but we do so unconsciously, and unfortunately, without realizing it, we cause suffering, pain, uselessness, and emptiness for ourselves.

Therefore, reaching a new level and realizing who controls you, means recognizing your own self on a higher level. This is how a person progresses from one level to another, until s/he reaches the very highest level and connects with the source of Nature. Inevitably, the whole of humanity will need to reach this highest and perfect level.

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Slavă ţie, stea curată
Voie bună pe pământ
Astăzi te simţim aproape
Sol din Rai cu soare sfânt.

Vraja ta aduce iară
Pe popor lângă popor
Toţi pe lume fraţi noi suntem
Când apari uşor în zbor.

(ultimul vers se poate găsi şi tradus:
Când apari uşoară-n zbor sau:
Unde-apari uşor în zbor.)

Cine a avut norocul
De prieteni buni să dea
Cine ştie ce-i iubirea
Lângă noi cântând să stea

Fericit un suflet drag
Te poate face pe pământ
Cine n-a simţit iubirea
Plece dintre noi plângând.

Milioane strângeţi rânduri
Tot mai sus urcând spre cer, urcând spre cer!

Odă bucuriei (Ludwig van Beethoven)


Freude, schöner Götterfunken,
Tochter aus Elysium!
Wir betreten feuertrunken,
Himmlische, Dein Heiligtum.
Deine Zauber binden wieder,
Was die Mode streng geteilt,
Alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo Dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

Seid umschlungen, Millionen!
Diesen Kuß der ganzen Welt!
Brüder, überm Sternenzelt
Muß ein lieber Vater wohnen!

Wem der große Wurf gelungen,
Eines Freundes Freund zu sein,
Wer ein holdes Weib errungen,
Mische seinen Jubel ein!
Ja, wer auch nur eine Seele
Sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!
Und wer’s nie gekonnt, der stehle
Weinend sich aus diesem Bund!

Ode an die Freude (Ludwig van Beethoven)

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Istoria omenirii poate fi divizata in trei perioade majore, la fel ca si in cazul dezvoltarii embrionului. De-a lungul istoriei noastre ne-am extins, am cucerit, am construit, am distrus si am re-structurat. Ne-am intins pe tot cuprinsul lumii. Fetusul uman atinge aceasta stare pana la saptamana a 38-a a sarcinii. Uterul mamei este cel mai confortabil loc pentru un copil, insa el reprezinta o etapa intermediara de dezvoltare, caci motivul sarcinii este nasterea. Corpul mamei produce cantitati enorme de adrenalina in timpul nasterii pentru a ajuta copilul sa treaca prin acest proces dificil si dureros. In mod similar, noi ne-am dezvoltat pana la cel mai de sus nivel si nu suntem capabili sa traim in concordanta cu principiile vechi. Nu stim deloc ce urmeaza, insa aceasta nu inseamna ca nu exista un plan general pentru progresul nostru. Natura are propriul sau program care ne afecteaza prin intermediul crizelor, dezastrelor, epidemiilor, razboaielor si ne forteaza catre nastere. Dupa nastere, copilul continua sa creasca intr-o lume complet diferita, in afara uterului. La fel este si cu noi. Pana la urma trebuie sa ne dam seama de ce suntem aici. Cum facem asta? Vedeti mai jos:


Human history can be divided into three major periods in very much the same way that the development of a human embryo consists of three trimesters. All throughout our past, we’ve been expanding, conquering, building, destroying, restructuring, and rebuilding again as we’ve continued evolving. Humanity continued to spread throughout the world, until finally, we conquered everything. A human fetus reaches this condition in the 38th week of its development. For a child, the mother’s womb is the most comfortable place to be, and yet, this stage of development is merely an intermediate stage. The goal is to be born, and it is therefore impossible to remain inside of the mother’s womb. During delivery, a mother’s body produces an enormous amount of adrenalin in order to help the child be born, since the process of delivery is quite difficult and painful for the child. Similarly, we as humankind have reached a peak stage in our development, and we cannot continue existing according to the principles we previously designed. Even though we have no idea what to do next, this doesn’t mean that there is no general plan for our development. Nature operates its own program that impacts us, forcing us to be born through crises, disasters, epidemics, and wars. After this birth, the child continues to develop, attaining a totally different world outside of the womb. We too need to finally attain the goal of our creation. How do we do this? Please view the other pages of this site…

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