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Floating on the air
Never seem to care
Worries have they none.

See them drift upon the breeze
Dandelion seeds
Blow them and they’re gone
Flying to the sun
Come and be with me
Where the air is always clean
Dandelion seeds.

I tell the time for you
Twelve o’ clock or noon it’s still true
I know it’s true.

High above the tree’s
Looking down on me
Birds fly by my side
People look up hopelessly
Dandelion seeds.

Doar flori revarsate , culori in noapte

si murmur de stele , pe cer …

Departe doar ploaia , printre degete

ca un suflet stingher …

July Dandelion Seeds

Only scattered flowers, colors in the night

and whispers of stars , in the sky …

Far, only rain, through fingers

as a lonely soul …

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